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Cnc Routers Drops Production Time For Foam Samples From Five Days To Two

Le 26 July 2016, 05:50 dans Humeurs 0

A stone CNC engraving machine allows Foam Fabricators to produce the typical order of 20 sample models in two days compared to the five days needed to cut the foam pieces by hand. In addition to saving time, the CNC router frees up engineers who previously had to pitch in and help cut foam pieces when a large quantity of samples were needed. With the exception of one person who loads the foam stock and removes finished pieces, the router can run unattended around the clock if necessary to turn out a large order.

Another benefit of automating the sample production process is that it enables the company to take on jobs it would have lost in the past. "When the shape of the customer's part was too complex to cut by hand, we had to turn away the work," says Nathan Musgrove, an applications engineer at Foam Fabricators' Jefferson, Georgia regional design and test center. "That hasn't happened since we installed the CNC machine. It can accurately cut even the most complex 3D shapes."

Foam Fabricators, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a coast-to-coast network of 14 facilities providing shape molded foam products, packaging, and components. Its foam products are used in the packaging of items such as electronics equipment and appliances, but they can also be found in other applications such as inside bicycle helmets. The company, which has 250 employees, molds a full range of materials including expanded polystyrene, expanded polyethylene, expanded polypropylene, and copolymers such as GECET, ARCEL, and RMER. These raw materials are injected as beads into molds, then heated with steam which causes them to expand and solidify into the finished shape. Foam Fabricators also fabricates flexible materials such as polyethylenes, polyurethanes, polypropylenes, and EPS, both molded and extruded.

Each of the company's regional design and test facilities is staffed with degreed packaging professionals and fully equipped with the latest in fabricating, drop testing, computerized data acquisition, and CAD systems. When a customer comes to Foam Fabricators with a new product that needs to be packaged, the first step is to work with one of the company's engineers to determine the appropriate material. Once this has been selected, the engineer uses the customer's specifications and CAD geometry to develop a rough design of the foam part. The Foam Fabricators engineer specifies the material, size, and performance characteristics for the product and uses the SolidWorks CAD system to create a 3D model of the initial concept.

At this point, most customers request between 20 and 30 samples for drop testing. Some customers have this testing done by Foam Fabricators while others prefer to take the samples and do the testing in-house. There was an additional drawback to producing samples by hand. Some of the shapes that customers needed were not possible to produce this way. For example, a jet ski manufacturer asked Foam Fabricators to make a bow flotation unit, a piece of foam that fits in the bow of a four-man jet ski to provide buoyancy. "This part had a lot of complex geometry and it was impossible to shape it by hand,"Stone processing machine. "We weren't able to make the sample, so we were unable to take on the job." A third drawback was that the handmade models were not highly accurate since the process of cutting them required some interpolation between surfaces. This was acceptable to some customers, but others wanted greater accuracy.

CNC Woodworking Machines: New and Used - A Comparison

Le 19 July 2016, 05:46 dans Humeurs 0

Purchasing a device used is sometimes preferred to buying it new, however, many benefits exist to buying used Round Steel Barbed. If you want new wood working devices, you might feel swayed simply by the cost savings of purchasing them used, however really feel reticent to invest in pre-owned hardware. If that's the case, the factors listed below may convince you.

The CNC machine is really a significant expense, one that prompts numerous carpenters to think about buying it pre-owned instead of new. Below, used CNC machines are compared with new ones regarding exactly what matters to professional wood workers: the price, overall performance, dependability, technological advancements and the resale value of a machine.Based on its potential remaining life-span, condition, and how up-to-date its technology, the used router may cost between 30% and 70% less than a new one of comparable design. If you want to extend your gear spending budget, purchasing a router used could create valuable disposable income.

Depending on its dimension and performance, a brand new router can range from below $4,000 to around $1 million. On the cheaper end are hobby grade as well as mid grade routers which are found in woodshops. On the top end are large, high capacity industrial models which are found at industrial wood working businesses. Simply because hobby grade and mid-grade routers have a restricted life-span and are fairly affordable, buying them brand new is generally the best option. On the other hand, the expense of an industrial quality router and its long lifespan make it worth buying secondhand.

The view that used equipment perform worse than new equipment doesn't apply to commercial machines. Built to endure frequent use under tough situations, industrial wood working equipment was created for manufacturing lines that run constantly during work hours. In this particular respect, regardless of whether a high grade router is totally new or 12 years of age is inconsequential. The key to maintaining performance is doing correct device maintenance, not purchasing new equipment.

Industrial woodworking equipment is made to last for decades. If a router is made to last for twenty years or longer, buying one that has ten years of use and conserving 1000's of bucks is the sensible choice, particularly if you require additional gear. Prefer a device still below guarantee, expert retailers of aftermarket CNC equipment may find equipment still under the manufacturer's guarantee and have it shipped to your location.

The technologies you'll need in a router depends on the type of woodworking you perform. Today, previously owned routers providing the same cutting capability as well as programming features as new ones are easily available. Contrary to popular belief, purchasing a secondhand router without compromising on routing technology is indeed feasible. Due to its lengthy life-span, commercial woodworking machines have excellent resale value. In fact, it is not uncommon for commercial woodworking machinery to change hands 3 times or more. Even if you purchase used Wood working CNC router, you'll have a chance to market all of them in a competitive cost to the people or sellers of aftermarket wood working equipment.